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Songwriter/guitarist and BMI artist Hank Schlinger blends memorable melodies and catchy hooks in songs inspired by folk, blues, and the classic rock of the 1960s and 1970s. The guitar-driven compositions in Hank’s cross-genre catalogue range from heartfelt ballads to energetic rockers. Hank’s lyrics are thoughtful and at times poetic, imbued with the universal trials, tribulations, and triumphs of life. Hank also performs finger-style country blues by such artists as Reverend Gary Davis, Doc Watson, and Taj Mahal and composes guitar instrumentals in the style of John Fahey and Leo Kotke (video link ).

Hank’s critically acclaimed, debut solo LP, “One More Invention,” received positive reviews from several publications, including L.A.’s BAM Magazine, for its songwriting and musicianship. Songs such as “Woman of the Earth,” “One More Invention” and “Love Is Not Enough” have received substantial college radio airplay. Hank followed “One More Invention” with a five-track EP recorded at Clear Lake Audio in North Hollywood.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Hank (both as a solo artist and with his band) has taken center stage at a number of venues in those cities as well as in Massachusetts and in Europe. Locally, Hank has performed for live audiences at clubs including the famed Crooked Bar in Hollywood and Canter's Deli, The Gig in Hollywood and West L.A., and Genghis Cohen in Hollywood, as well as other local clubs such as Molly Malones and Scruffy O’ Shea’s.

Through great melodies, catchy hooks, driving guitar riffs, and reflective lyrics, Hank has solidified himself as a consummate songwriter, whose music is a perfect accompaniment for radio, film and television. Hank Schlinger is a songwriter and accomplished musician with a sound that both draws on and reinvents classic rock for a new generation of music enthusiasts.